• Business English Writing Skills

    Levels: CEFR A2 – B1

    Duration: 24-30 hours 

    Business English Writing Skills

    CEFR A2 – B1  | 24-30 hours 

Help your team to write more effectively

Our Business English Writing Skills course will boost your team’s confidence in English writing and provide them with the language tools, grammar and templates for a wide range of written tasks.

  • Master business fundamentals for emails, reports and social media.
  • Develop versatile skills for data analysis, creative writing and proposals.
  • Build confidence in professional communication.
  • Create persuasive and compelling documents. 

Practical tasks are used throughout the course to offer realistic practise of the language. Target writing formats relevant to your team are chosen in consultation with the course instructor at the beginning of the course. 

  • CEFR A2 - B1  
  • 24-30 hours 
  • Maximum 20 per class 
  • In-house, at our Centre or Online 
  • Graded Certificate 
  •  Post-course report  

This course is beneficial for 

  • Supervisory and managerial teams looking to strengthen their communication and leadership abilities.
  • Team members with a good basic level of English or above who are seeking to improve their workplace communication and efficiency skills.
  • Professionals aiming to enhance their business writing proficiency for emails, reports and proposals.
  • Those involved in data analysis or creative writing who are looking to expand their language and grammar proficiency.

A team that writes professionally (without overthinking)

This course is heavily focused on providing your team with practical and proven skills relevant to professional life in Macao. Tailored to each team's department and working context, the course equips participants with essential language tools for effective written communication.

By taking this course, your team will learn to

  • Master the fundamentals of business writing for emails, reports and social media, enhancing their overall written communication skills. 
  • Develop versatile skills for data analysis, creative writing, and proposal preparation, enabling them to handle various writing tasks with greater ease. 
  • Build confidence in professional communication, empowering them to express ideas clearly and effectively, leading to more impactful interactions. 
  • Create persuasive and compelling documents that leave a lasting impact on readers, improving the overall effectiveness of their writing. 
  • Practise practical tasks and target writing formats specific to their work environment, providing them with practical experience and ensuring relevance to their daily tasks. 
  • Save time and reduce overthinking by following established writing techniques and templates, streamlining the writing process and boosting productivity. 
  • Enhance their professionalism, contributing to a positive impression of your company's image. 

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Complimentary services

At English for Asia, we are committed to achieving the best learning outcomes for your team. To ensure the effectiveness of each course, we offer a range of complimentary services, including

  • On-site pre-course testing to determine your team's proficiency levels and specific language requirements. This is followed by a summary report outlining our findings and recommended training. 
  • A final report upon completion of the course, which includes a comprehensive summary of the training and personalised comments on the progress of each participating team member. 
  • Each participant will receive a personalised, graded certificate upon successfully completing the course. 

We take pride in providing these additional services to enhance the learning experience and ensure the best possible outcomes for your team.

Our trainers


Felisita T. Morais



Amit Das


South Africa

Rondrico Gonsior



Matthew Potger

M.Ed, BA

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